Army of Lovers

“Army of Lovers” stands out as the artist’s first solo exhibition. When you descend into the universal emotion of art, the only audience that emerges is humanity itself. Everything that one feels towards life, the universe, and their social surroundings… Ego, sincerity, innocence, obligations, cultural heritage, the desire to be valued, talents, and more…

Thousands of people living in different geographies have had certain habits and beliefs for thousands of years. Teachings that sometimes reach fanatical dimensions have complicated events. However, regardless of what happens, the common heritage of people living in different times has always been art.

It has a structure that accompanies the song of the world without any distinction of geography, culture, or nationality. It is a “mixed media” project that tells the story of people who have devoted their lives to love and peace for the development and happiness of humanity in every corner of the world. The artist’s perspective on life and lifestyle is naturally reflected; especially the humanist, loving, and energetic perspective of the East is reflected in the works. In this context, colors, lights, and a brand-new and contemporary interpretation of visual language have been used.

It was first exhibited in 2011 and met art lovers at Ekavart Gallery and later at Ankara Cer Modern. Mercan Dede Art House is now reintroducing these works to art lovers in different formats.