Army Of Lovers

Being the first solo exhibition of the artist, “Army Of Lovers” is a mixed media project that tells the story of people who have devoted their lives to love and peace for the development and happiness of humanity, regardless of geography, culture or nationality. As a natural reflection of the artist’s view and lifestyle; it expresses a brand new and contemporary visual language that the East’s especially humanist, loving and energetic perspective has opened in the world of colors, lights and images.

The exhibition met with art lovers first at Ekavart Gallery and then at Ankara Cer Modern in 2011.

You can access the “Army of Lovers” series in original paintings and Fine Art print formats.

Mercan Dede and Army of Lovers

The Army of Lovers series is particularly inspired by the humanistic philosophy of the East. This philosophy embodies a perspective filled with love and energy. It creates a brand new and contemporary visual language in the world of colors, lights, and images.

Army of Lovers addresses the greatest common denominator of every human being in the world and emphasizes that love and peace are the universal languages regardless of religion, race, or geography.

Each work you encounter in this series establishes a deep connection with your inner wisdom the moment you meet them. And it continues to explore, narrate, and evoke life in the next phase of transformation.