Hüsn-ü Zan

“Husnu Zan” translates to “good presumption” in its most basic form, and it also consists of two components: “Husn,” meaning beauty, and “Zan,” meaning to observe, think, and evaluate with a positive perspective. “Husnu Zan” is a concrete expression of nurturing positive thoughts about a person and evaluating them in a respectable and loving manner.

Mercan Dede, in his works of “Husnu Zan,” reflects the essence of good perception, peace, and love using visual arts. The flow of life progresses in proportion to a person’s perspective. Over the years, the artist realized that positive thinking alone was not enough, and he incorporated “Husnu Zan” into his paintings.

Oh brother, you are nothing but your thoughts

The rest of you is merely skin and bones

If your thought is a rose, you are a rose garden

If your thought is a thorn, you are fuel for the fire.


As expressed in Rumi’s words, “Husnu Zan” has been a concept examined in various aspects of human life for centuries and represents a philosophy that defies time.