Ancient Time Machine

The series, which Mercan Dede started based on the concept of mysticism, which also had a great impact on his musical studies, is guiding all of us to a dimension where time does not exist, with the key of ‘now’ and by purifying ourselves from the frames, patterns, roads and fates to reach the “land of heart” that the artist calls “the only land not limited to time and space”

The series, which was the artist’s second exhibition at Ekavart Gallery, was later moved to Büyük Efes Art Gallery in Izmir.

Mercan Dede and the Ancient Time Machine

Mercan Dede’s quest to reach the “heartland,” which he refers to as the “only country not limited by time and space,” forms the fundamental purpose of this series. Mysticism is a doctrine that also influences the artist’s work in the realms of music and sound.

To reach the heartland, one must free themselves from frames, patterns, paths, and destinies. The key to this goal lies in the “moment,” guiding us to transcend the boundaries of time and enter a dimension beyond.

The “Ancient Time Machine” serves as a guide on a personal journey for every art enthusiast, within their own world and time.

Each piece you encounter in this series will establish a profound connection with you when you meet them. They will continue to bring life, narrative, and emotion in the next phase of transformation.