Enchanted Wheels

Mercan Dede was inspired by the concepts of transformation and movement in the creation process of the works in the exhibition held in 2016. Comparing notions such as the transformation of life, the change of human beings, the spinning of whirling dervishes, karma, to ‘magic wheels’ that are connected and interacting with each other, these works of the artist are, in his own words, one of his most mysterious works and is full of surprises.

The exhibition, which featured 28 works produced with mixed media, met with art lovers on October – November 2016 at Ekavart Gallery and then at Izmir Ekol Art Gallery.

Mercan Dede and Enchanted Wheels

“Enchanted Wheels” reveals various sources symbolizing the transformation and evolution in one’s journey of self-discovery. This exhibition presents culturally ingrained expressions such as the wheel of fate, the grindstone of life, or destiny. This is because every individual’s perception of the world is shaped by their personal experiences. As life flows on, we find ourselves in a cycle of seeking, getting lost, and encountering a new ‘self.’ “Enchanted Wheels” serves as a guide to each art enthusiast in their own world and time on their personal journey.

Each piece you will meet in this series will establish a connection with your profound wisdom the moment you encounter them. And in the next phase of transformation, they will continue to bring life, narrative, and emotion.

“Perhaps life is allowing you to be reborn every day.”