Revolution Revelation

More than 60,000 guests visited the exhibition, which featured the joint works of Mercan Dede and Carlito Dalceggio, at the Borusan Music House.

In the exhibition, the theme of ‘revolution’ is represented by Carlito Dalceggio and the theme of ‘revelation’ is represented by Mercan Dede. ‘Revolution’ is an invitation to get rid of the ego, to shed the shells and masks in order to reach a new level of consciousness. ‘Revelation’ or “lifting of the curtains” describes the inner transformation that follows and complements it. The two artists, who see life and its productions as an intertwined cycle, prove that while moving away from each other, it is possible that they can turn around and pass from the same point, more conscious and enlightened.

“Revolution Revelation” represents the chaos that forms the magnificent balance of life and symbolizes the existence of humanity. Throughout this long journey from birth to death, we all go through certain cycles. As we walk on a thin line, we make choices between moving to the next stage and returning to the past.

“Revolution Revelation” contributes to the life journey of every art enthusiast in their personal lives and in their own time. Each piece you will encounter in this series will establish a connection with your profound wisdom the moment you meet them. And in the next transformative phase, it will continue to bring life, narrate, and evoke emotions.