Post Truth


This series consisting of works prepared by Mercan Dede for the concept room of the Istanbul Art Show on the theme of “Post Truth”, one of the concepts that has shaped the last 10 years of contemporary art, met with art lovers in Istanbul in the last month of 2019.

Mercan Dede and Post Truth

In an era where art and the artist’s truth are often questioned, this role and function are frequently debated. However, each person’s perception of the world is a result of their personal experiences. Therefore, knowing what truth is, who it belongs to, and when it gains the quality of truth is not always easy. “Post Truth” reflects a texture that every art lover feels within their own world and their own time.

Each work you will meet in this series will establish a deep connection with you when you encounter them. And in the next stage of transformation, they will continue to narrate and evoke emotions.

“Perhaps truth exists only in your existence”