Created by Mercan Dede between 2005-2007, Ascension series are formed with the visual elements of Anatolian and Islamic mysticism and as a reflection of the music of the artist which brings together the east and the west in the visual world, they are shaped through application of different techniques.

Mercan Dede and Ascensions

This exhibition is part of a context where the similarities between Eastern and Western cultures are increasingly recognized. Created using various techniques, it serves as a visual reflection of the artist’s music that bridges the East and the West.

“Ascensions” captures the interest of anyone curious about Anatolian culture and Sufism. By focusing on different facets of the same coin, you might think of it as two different poles, much like the East and the West. However, the people in these two poles fundamentally share the same emotions, feelings, and needs.

Each work you encounter in this series establishes a profound connection with your own wisdom the moment you meet them. And in the next stage of transformation, they continue to discover, narrate, and evoke life.

“Now, you are ready to begin exploring this mystical world.”