Hüsn-ü Zan

The 19-piece series, on which Mercan Dede worked during the pandemic in his studio in Montreal, carries street art influences and pop culture references. Exhibited in Istanbul Mona Gallery in December 2020, they are the most up-to-date works of the artist.

Mercan Dede and “Husnu Zan”

“Husnu Zan” is a concrete expression of nurturing positive thoughts about an individual, evaluating them with respect and love.

It doesn’t only represent a perspective towards one person; it’s also an expression used for events, the era we live in, our family, our circumstances, and our inner selves.

Mercan Dede has achieved a production that transcends time and place by reflecting the art of goodwill and a beautiful outlook in the “Husnu Zan” collection. These works defy time and immortalize human values, offering us the opportunity to acquaint ourselves with these values.

“Husnu Zan” holds a special meaning for every art enthusiast within their own world and their own time. Each piece you encounter in this series establishes a connection with your inner wisdom the moment you meet them. In the next stage of transformation, they give life meaning, narrate, and evoke feelings.