Being an important first step in Mercan Dede’s career in visual arts, Talismans include the works that the artist made with printing, painting and mixed technique, which he completed between 1992-1996 while doing his MFA (master of fine art) on visual arts at Concordia University in Montreal.
The works, which take their theme from the ancient cultures of Anatolia, are known as the most mysterious series of the artist.

Mercan Dede and Talismans

“Works inspired by the ancient cultural heritage of Anatolia,” are known as the artist’s most mysterious series. “Talismans” symbolize deep meanings that have been established in the history of humanity for centuries and passed down to the present day.

Because, every person carries and leaves certain traces throughout their life. While life flows on, we all inherit some of the traces left behind, and we live by leaving our own marks on this journey.

“Perhaps when you are lost, the traces from the past may help you.”