Fine Art Prints

Under the scope of the Art House project, there are three different Fine Art Print series that meet art enthusiasts.

The first of these is the collection called “Husnu Zan,” which consists of 19 pieces. “Husnu Zan” translates to thinking positively and beautifully about a person or situation. This collection includes works created by Mercan Dede in his Montreal studio during the pandemic period. These works feature elements of street art and pop culture references.

The second collection at Mercan Dede Art House comprises works that make up the “Revolution Revelation” exhibition. The “Revolution Revelation” exhibition, a collaboration between Mercan Dede and Carlito Dalceggio, was visited by more than 60,000 art enthusiasts at the Borusan Music House. In the exhibition, “revolution” represents the concept of reaching a new level of consciousness. Achieving a new level of consciousness involves breaking free from ego counseling, breaking through one’s shells, and shedding masks to continue life with a new “self.” The “Revelation” in the Art House exhibition describes the subsequent and complementary inner transformation. These works narrate the journey of moving away from each other, circling back, and transitioning to a deeper level of consciousness at the same point. They demonstrate that, along with consciousness, one can step into another dimension of enlightenment.

The last Fine Art print series where works come together at Art House is “Army of Lovers” . “Army of Lovers” stands out as the artist’s first solo exhibition. When you delve into the universal emotion of art, the only interlocutor that emerges is the human being. Everything one feels about life, the universe, and their social environment: ego, sincerity, innocence, obligations, cultural heritage, the desire to be valued, talents, and more. Thousands of people living in different geographical locations have had certain habits and beliefs for thousands of years. At times, teachings that have reached fanatical dimensions have complicated matters. However, regardless of the circumstances, the common heritage of people living in different times has been art.

It tells the story of a structure that accompanies the world’s song without any distinction of geography, culture, or nationality. It is a “mixed media” project that tells the story of people who have devoted their lives to love and peace for the development and happiness of humanity in every corner of the world. The artist’s perspective on life and lifestyle is naturally reflected; especially the humanistic, loving, and energetic perspective of the East is reflected in the works. In this context, new and contemporary interpretations of colors, lights, and visual language have been used.

The series, first exhibited in 2011, met art enthusiasts at Ekavart Gallery and then at Ankara Cer Modern. Mercan Dede Art House now presents these works to art enthusiasts in different formats.

Fine Art Prints

Fine Art prints allow high-quality, vibrant, and long-lasting prints of museum-quality works to be created digitally. These prints are produced to ensure the preservation of archival-quality works for periods ranging from 100 to 300 years without deterioration.

Fine Art print techniques make it easier for art enthusiasts interested in visual arts to access works. Accessing the original versions of art pieces can sometimes be challenging, so Fine Art prints allow you to see the same design, painting, or image in high quality and color resolution. These prints offer a different version of the original work and enable more people to share the same artistic taste. However, it should be noted that such works should not be confused with pictures printed from an ordinary color printer.

They are produced using devices that ensure high quality and come out as they are with various original colors. In addition, special software is used to maintain the same quality between the color structure of the work and the output. Sometimes these software programs are specifically prepared for a single image.

Fine Art Prints and Types of Paper Used

The paper used in the production of Fine Art prints is quite different from ordinary A4 paper. These papers are acid-free and are made from materials such as cotton, alpha cellulose, bamboo wood, patience plant leaves, or hemp leaves. No chemical substances are used in the production of these special papers. Additionally, these papers have various structural features such as matte, semi-matte, glossy, or semi-glossy.

Special printers designed for this type of printing are used. These printers use pigment inks to carry out the printing process.

In Mercan Dede Fine Art prints, all color transitions’ details are perfectly captured in terms of saturation and durability.

How Fine Art Prints Are Produced

When producing Fine Art prints, the appropriate printer brand is selected for each type of paper, and software is used for color balance. These software programs apply advanced color management called ‘ICC Profile’ and transfer the colors seen on a calibrated monitor to the print. Fine Art printing is not possible without a profile for unprofiled papers.

After production, the Fine Art prints are coated with a surface protection spray after resting for 12 hours. This spray ensures that the ink integrates with the paper, protects against dust, and UV rays.

Fine Art prints have a durability of between 100 and 300 years, depending on quality and paper type, and can go up to 450 years in black and white prints. Durability is evaluated in terms of contrast, clarity, and fading resistance, and it is recommended that they are not exposed to sunlight.

Some Fine Art prints may require certification to be accepted by museums. Prints produced in ‘Hahnemühle’ certified studios are accepted in museums and exhibitions in Europe and the United States.