Special Designs

Custom designs; are extraordinary visual art pieces exhibited in the Mercan Dede Art House project. Mercan Dede is one of the rare artists who have been creating works in multiple fields of art for many years. In this context, he has also made intensive efforts in the fields of music and sound. In addition, from the early days of his art career, he has drawn attention with his visual art works.

Custom designs are individual works designed by Mercan Dede. A total of 7 different visual art pieces have been made accessible to art lovers in this category.

In the Custom Designs series, there are 3 different visual art pieces belonging to the Enchanted Wheels collection.

There are 4 different pieces related to the Revolution Revelation exhibition. These pieces with the same name were later designed as custom designs.

Custom Designs and Revolution Revelation

Among the custom designs, the Revolution Revelation series is one of the important exhibitions produced globally by the artist. The exhibition, which includes the collaborative works of Mercan Dede and Carlito Dalceggio, was visited by more than 60,000 guests at Borusan Music House.

In this exhibition, additions were also made in the form of custom designs, and the theme of “revolution” was explored. Together with the parts handled by Carlito Dalceggio, the theme of “Revelation” complemented each other, creating a holistic synergy.

Custom Designs and Enchanted Wheels

Enchanted Wheels is a series consisting of works exhibited by Mercan Dede in 2016. The artist drew inspiration from the concepts of transformation and motion during the creation of these works. He addresses concepts such as the transformation of life, the change of humans, the whirling of dervishes, and karma. He likens the impact of these concepts on our lives to “Enchanted Wheels,” which are interconnected and interactive. According to the artist, these works are one of his most mysterious and surprising creations.

Custom designs are artworks that are personalized or produced in very limited quantities compared to other collections.

How to Purchase Custom Designs?

Custom designs also include designs created exclusively for individuals or organizations by Mercan Dede. In the case of works produced upon personal requests, stocks are planned according to demand. Therefore, it may not be possible for art lovers to access every custom design artwork. In this regard, the safest method is to contact our official channels regarding the visual art piece you like.

Among custom designs, there are works related to Revolution & Revelation and Magical Wheels series. However, new works are added from time to time. Not every visual art piece is produced as part of a series. Works are also produced in mini-series consisting of a small number of designed art pieces. Therefore, you can follow the works on our website to stay updated.

When researching any artwork, please make sure of its authenticity and whether it has certification. Consider the possibility that artworks obtained from sources other than Mercan Dede Art House may be counterfeit.

“We wish you a happy and art-filled life.”